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To enable a more efficient delivery of our services to our clients, the various services are coordinated under five (5) divisions, each headed by a Senior Consultant/Manager. These divisions are as follows: 

Corporate and Strategic Planning Division

Headed by a Chartered Accountant this division deals mainly with the corporate needs of our clients. It assists in problems identification, provision of professional services in such areas as product line/mix decisions, corporate restructuring, corporate gearing and leverage decision, sourcing of funds mergers and reconstructions, share valuation, etc. This division also undertakes feasibility and viability studies for new and on-going projects.      

Systems Division

  This division specializes in the design, introduction, implementation and review of accounting, internal control and computer based systems for clients.  It also serves as a Computer Bureau to a number of clients especially those in the oil industry. Training of clients’ staff on computer appreciation and actual on hand application is carried out by this division. The division is headed by a Software Specialist, assisted by a Professional Accountant.

Human Resources Division

This division is engaged in manpower recruitment and training for our various clients. It organizes training programme on a regular basis and also at the request of clients. The division is headed by a Chartered Accountant with MBA in Management Studies.

Accounting and Secretarial Services division

Headed by a Professional Accountant, this division is engaged in the provision of various accounting services for our clients. It assists in accounts reconciliation, introduction of accounting systems, updating of accounting records and preparation of final accounts of clients. This division assists clients with the provision of secretarial services such as the filing of returns with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja and other statutory secretarial functions.


General Services Division

Headed by the Managing Consultant, this division is charged with the co-ordination of the work of all the divisions within the Firm. Included under this division are such other services as marketing, production planning, special investigations and related matters. The identification of new opportunities and the carrying out of research into specific area of corporate consultancy is performed by this division.

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